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So a lot of the definitions and explanations I do comes from my own lacking in the ol’ noggin department. Obviously. So I’m going through “El Secuestro” today and I’m at this scene where Malory is discussing the expenses for Cheryl’s protection/Pam’s rescue. I wanted to find out what exactly she was charging Cheryl for.

  • Expenses, self explanatory, pretty necessary.
  • Administrative fee, basically instead of the money being directly for costs, it’s for the general business cost, salaries, office supplies and space, blah blah blah. I’m sure Malory wouldn’t take advantage of that. (She wrote sarcastically)
  • The part I thought was interesting was the contingency fee, which means you only pay it if the service was successful. Seemed like a weird thing and then I thought, ISIS has a pretty high mission failure rate. So in the unlikely event they were successful, they get an extra bonus. That makes sense.
  • Odds and ends. Whatever she can get away charging on top of all that.

And that’s Malory’s billing practices, dicey at best.

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