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Well, ISIS is retired, but not the one we’d like to.I remember when I first heard of ISIL and I wondered what the guys down at Archer were gonna do about that. Well, the answer has come: They are phasing it out completely by merging ISIS with the CIA. Not surprising considering recent events. Now, FX is left with a LOT of surplus ISIS gear.. I’m just glad it didn’t end the show. Now maybe I will get to catching up on Season 5 and start to post again….

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The More You Know: Thomas Elphinstone Hambledon & Manning Cole

Archer’s clever nod to Bob’s weekly specials involves Thomas Elphinstone Hambledon, the protagonist of a series of spy novels written by Manning Cole, which is a nom de plume of the team of Adelaide Frances Oke Manning and Cyril Henry Coles. Coles, like Elphinstone, worked for British Intelligence during the wars. He actually sounds like an amazing guy: lied about his name and age to join, youngest intelligence agent, master of languages, worked behind enemy lines. It makes sense that a lot of the stories are based on his experiences.

A Toast to Tomorrow

For the Babou post

In the episode “The Limited” (Season 3, Episode 6), a Canadian Mountie shouts “…he’s crepuscular!” not corpuscular. Corpuscular means Babou is something pertaining to corpuscles (a small particle or a protoplasmic animal) which makes no sense. Crepuscular means that the animal is most active in twilight hours (the in-between of diurnal or nocturnal). Ocelots are indeed one of the mammals that are crepuscular.


Thanks, I’m really at a loss without closed captioning.

In Regards to “Spain in the ’30s” References

Season 4, Episode 7 “Live and Let Dine”

"What is this? Spain?" - Spain has been portrayed as a pretty racist country in the international spotlight. They’ve jeered not only black footballers, but black F1 Drivers and their national men’s basketball team for the 2008 Summer Olympics took a photograph where they pulled their eyes to mock Asians.

"What is this? Spain? I mean, the 30s?" - When Pam says that "ritzy joints like this have keep their reservation numbers on the ‘qt’", she is using some slang that was very popular in that era. Especially the use of ‘qt’ which means quiet or in today’s vernacular "the down-low".

[Ref: “H. L. Mencken, in The American Language, 1921, comments on the American fondness for abbreviations. like OK, PDQ, COD, as well QT. He suggests they helped non-English speaking immigrants to communicate.”]

"What is this? Spain in the 30s?" - During Spain’s 1930’s Depression, much of their wine exports dwindled because the fields were not being used. Spain suffered a huge wine shortage because of the depression and the lack of wine production.

Thanks, Sam L, I really couldn’t find more anything more specific on it, so your info is super helpful! Thanks for the submissions! :3

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